February 28, 2010

Too Much Horror Business

Misfits themed graffiti posting on the corner of Greenwich and Vandam Street in Greenwich Village.

Below another picture of me at an early Misfits show slam dancing in the middle of a ferocious pit. There are a couple of guys skanking behind me. This was when hardcore was totally at its peak. I'm near the center of the photo in a hooded sweatshirt and engineer boots. Very punk.

February 25, 2010

The Stylish Way to Squeegee 57th Street

Could someone please tell him that Fashion Week is over and you don't have to pose like a runway model when you squeegee the sidewalks clean. Put your back into it!

February 24, 2010

George Clooney's Graffiti Truck

George Clooney was spotted today on 56th Street near 5th Avenue bolting around town in this delightful graffiti truck. I didn't know he was such a huge New York Yankees fan!

He must have been getting his shopping done around the corner at Takashimaya or he was hitting up that tasty underrated Japanese noodle shop on 56th Street. He seems like a coffee drinker to me, but he may know that Takashimaya has a great tea salon on the lower level.

Either way, he got a great parking space for his vehicle emblazoned with a whole truck full burner.

February 18, 2010

Street Grinding in Times Square

Work on the city streets occurs at all hours of the day and night. So it not surprising that a crew is hard at work grinding up the streets at 11PM on a Wednesday night in the middle of Times Square. Traffic gets blocked, pedestrians are rerouted and the noise level goes up about a hundred decibels.

What I love best is that they have the most fearless guys in all of New York City operating this heavy machinery. They just really don't give a fuck. It's late at night in the dead center of the busiest city in the world and they're grinding up the pavement with one of the scariest looking machines ever invented with lit cigarettes dangling out of their mouths. Awesome.

V V Brown at Hiro Ballroom

VV Brown played a fantastic show in New York City tonight at the Hiro Ballroom on 9th Avenue and 16th Street. It was her first show in Manhattan and she didn't disappoint the invite-only crowd who were overwhelmingly excited to see this exuberant young singer perform her debut album "Traveling Like The Light." I videotaped her final song of the evening, "Shark in the Water." It's a hit.

February 17, 2010

Warhol's Flowers

I met this really cool girl last week who has a terrific Warhol flower tattoo on her neck. We talked about Andy Warhol and other things at a crazy uptown party. She showed me her tattoo and I took a picture of it. I have a feeling you'll be seeing a lot more of her in the future.

Where The Wild Things Are

You can find plenty of "Where The Wild Things Are" stuffed animals at FAO Schwartz on 5th Avenue. They'll probably be on sale soon.

Fashion Week

Aren't you glad Fashion Week is almost over?

Millions of Magazines

I love this magazine store. They carry pretty much everything you could ever want. It's not the most organized store which doesn't really bother me very much. They have stacks and stacks of foreign and domestic magazines from floor to ceiling. All of the international fashion magazines are available in the back room. You only find great magazine stores like this in New York City. They have this one magazine called Free Style Magazine that comes packaged inside of a Frisbee. It came out a couple months ago and I keep wanting to buy, but it's kind of expensive and I keep passing it up. Pretty soon it will be gone and I'll regret not having purchased it. This store is located right near Bryant Park.

Italian Food

The extensive menu at Bravo Pizza on 5th Avenue and 19th Street.

Winter in Central Park

The view from Gapstow Bridge in Central Park on a wintry Tuesday evening.

February 16, 2010

5th Avenue Ticket

Just a second, sir. I know it's in here somewhere.

In a minute...

I'm texting the kids. Possibly taking a break from sightseeing and shopping in front of Henri Bendel on 5th Avenue.

Hot Dogs for Lunch

It's a quick lunch on the go. You aren't a real New Yorker if you haven't mastered the art of eating a hot dog on a crowded sidewalk

Cookie Monster at FAO Schwartz

Everyone likes the Cookie Monster.

Pretzels & Chestnuts

I've never ever had chestnuts on the street before, but they are available at all of the hot dog and pretzel carts in Midtown.

Nails & Spa

Cold days out there. Advertising marches on.

Harry Winston Jewelers

It looks like the luxury jewelry salon Harry Winston needs to give their New York lettering a good polishing.

February 12, 2010

February 11, 2010

Christina Ricci's Graffiti Truck

Spotted on Union Square recently: Christina Ricci parking this rad graffiti truck. She sure gets around in style.

February 10, 2010

Going Sledding

Walking up Madison Avenue on the way to go sledding in Central Park. There was plenty of snow in the city and every surface was covered in the park.

Here's a video I shot riding my bicycle down 5th Avenue in the snow today.

February 7, 2010

The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle

I went to a great New York multimedia stage production of Haruki Murakami's The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle in Soho at the Ohio Theater recently. As you can see, it was completely sold out and very well done. It is based on a book that is a cult favorite around the world. If you haven't read it, you probably should.

February 5, 2010

Nice and Spicey

Don't you hate it when you spell the neon sign wrong and you're stuck with it?

Pizza Price War

Only 99¢. Has anyone else noticed that there are all sorts of pizza joints springing up charging less than a dollar a slice?

This is great news and very welcome for all the price conscious pizza lovers out there. In fact, I know quite a few. Pizza is the perfect thing to eat for busy New Yorkers and, if you're like me and you don't work on Wall Street, the price is insanely awesome. It's great to finally see some downward food pricing that absolutely everyone can enjoy.

February 1, 2010

Table for Two

A place to sit in the cold.

Flannel Shirts

Did you ever wonder where aging Brooklyn hipsters go to get their retro/grunge/vintage flannel shirts? 10 Ft. Single in Williamsburg, of course! There are possibly enough flannel shirts here to outfit an army of Strokes fans from here to Hoboken.

No, I Want to Take Your Picture

A young gentleman out for a stroll on a cold winter day in Queens, NY.