July 31, 2009

New White Car

Do you like my new white car? It's perfect for summer and goes well with my shoes which are also white and my eyeballs which are white too. It's so damn hard to find a parking space, but the good thing is I can fit my entire library in the back seat.

I have to admit that what I like best about my big new car is that I can have my driver cruise slowly through Times Square and I can hang half my body out the roof and scream wildly nonsensical things at the top of my lungs. What fun!


Hilda said...

What is that thing? A stretch SUV?? Crazy! ;D

I feel like I've been sucked into an episode of The Twilight Zone — why are you listed in CDP's 'Recent Additions' page?

Christopher said...

It's an awesome stretch long Library Mobile. Obviously!

I had to reregister for CDP since they dropped me when I changed my settings or took a break for two weeks. Not sure, but it looks like I am back.

Anonymous said...

You almost bought a tear to my eye with that one. A car to match the colour of your eye. Sounds like the perfect birthday present for any female. Oh...that's right, not the easiest thing to park...maybe not then.