July 23, 2009

No Drugs On Company Property

This sign will definitely stop those guys from bringing their drugs and liquor to work again.

Seriously though, do you think the company put this sign up for legal reasons? Why on earth would a company (in this case Bovis Lend Lease) feel the need to post something as obvious as this on a public construction site? What kind of people are they hiring for construction jobs in Manhattan anyway? When was it ever OK to drink or do drugs on a dangerous construction job? Maybe if the people at Bovis focused more on not overbilling on 9/11 Memorial construction jobs and less on hiring employees who would bring drugs and drink at work we'd all be a lot better off.


Guest said...

Don't rag on the construction workers; they're in VERY good company! Consider this: About three fourths of those 18 and older who use illegal drugs also work (that doesn't count the millions on "legal" drugs), and 2) Of the 20.4 million adults classified with substance dependence or abuse, 12.3 million (60.4 percent) were employed full-time.

Christopher said...

Awesome statistics. Do these numbers include the 2.4 million Americans who admitted to being on pot and who are also part-time employees at Taco Bell?