July 5, 2009

More 4th of July

What could possibly be more American than a trip to an old-fashioned homemade ice cream parlor?

Four Seas is considered one of the best ice cream shops in the country and is celebrating it's 75th anniversary this year. Don't worry they have all of the requisite hat, t-shirts, beach towels, coffee cups and other souvenirs to take home. They even have cool Christmas ornaments and EXTRA parking.

Despite all their sales efforts, I can see they need some marketing help. That's because they're missing out on the one sure-fire souvenir that would sell faster than two scoops of chocolate in a sugar cone with jimmies -- the branded ice cream scoop! It's such an obvious item they're missing from the list.

They've got every flavor you might want: Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry, Coffee, Chip Chocolate, Mocha Chip, Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, Maple Walnut, Black Raspberry, Penuche, Mint Chip, Butter Crunch, Peppermint Stick, Chocolate Almond, Peanut Butter Chip Chocolate, Rum and Butter, Caramel, Frozen Pudding, Pistachio, Coconut, Ginger, Lemon Crisp, Cantaloupe, Banana, Fresh Peach, and Fresh Strawberry.

Were you wondering what Penuche flavor was? Me too! According to Wikipedia:

Penuche is a fudge-like candy made from brown sugar, butter, and milk, using no flavorings except for vanilla. Penuche often has a tannish color to it and is lighter than regular fudge. It is formed by the caramelization of brown sugar, and thus its flavor is said to be reminiscent of caramel. Nuts, especially pecans, are often added to penuche used for texture, especially in the making of penuche candies. It is primarily a regional food, found in New England and some places in the Southern United States, though in the latter it goes by different names, usually "Brown Sugar Fudge Candy".

I know you were dying to learn all about this classic ice cream flavor. We're always so informative here. You just know I'm going to try it. Details tomorrow.


Guest said...

Good 2 know. I love words. Look up the Spanish (slang) "panoche" now, so u can appreciate why that cracked me up.

Christopher said...

Excellent word find. Not sure I want Spanish Panoche ice cream though.

Robinaphl said...

Where is Four Seas located?

Christopher said...


Dugger said...

I'll work on that scoop thing. we do have a few plastic scoops w/ our name on them from an old promotion.

Dugger said...

We'll work on getting some NEWer scoops for ya. we do have some old plastic ones from another promotion.