February 15, 2013

Lost Eveything

Sometimes I feel like I have lost everything too, but then I realize that I haven't really lost anything at all. There are a lot of people in a city as large as New York that are looking for something. Things they've lost, things that they need, things that seem completely elusive. Simple things that many of us take for granted like shelter, a hearty meal, or even just a warm blanket and a couple of dollars.

February 14, 2013

Valentine's Day Shuffle

Today was a clear winter day that was just perfect for a brisk walk up Madison Avenue looking in store windows at Valentine's Day presents.

February 10, 2013

Snow Sweeping

The massive snow storm that hit the city this past Friday largely spared New York City and dumped only about 11" in Central Park. It started early Friday afternoon when the freezing rain turned to snow. Here are a few maintenance workers in front of the Credit Agricole CIB skyscraper at 1301 6th Avenue breaking out their Gravely Snowbrush to begin making early passes at snow removal. What's even more interesting to me in this picture is that despite the freezing temperatures and icy snow, people are outside buying hot dogs on the street and taking a smoke break against the building.

February 8, 2013

Basquiat Bonanza

There was a very, very crowded art opening tonight on 24th Street in Chelsea at the Gagosian Gallery for a major exhibition of paintings by Jean-Michel Basquiat. I waited in a long line in the freezing cold for over 20 minutes just to get in the front door. Gagosian is one of the largest galleries in NYC and it was was filled with over 50 large colorful paintings and lots and lots of people. Mr. Gagosian was standing right near the entrance greeting wealthy collectors and other assorted art fans. You certainly wouldn't know it from my picture above, but the place was packed. I would have taken more pictures, but a guard warned me not to take pictures even though I saw dozens of people snapping cell phone pictures which are probably posted all over Instagram.

This painting is entitled "Eyes and Eggs" and is from 1983 when he was producing lots of great art. This enormous painting is nearly 10' x 8' in size and is acrylic, oil paint stick and paper collage on cotton drop cloth. Since Basquiat often painted on the floor, you can see his dirty sneaker prints directly on the canvas. The show runs until April 6th and is completely free so you have plenty of time to get over there.