September 27, 2010

How Not To Ride A Bike

Spotted in Central Park. Four things to note:

1. No helmet
2. No hands
3. Flip flops!
4. Talking on cell phone

I wanted to bump into him just ever so slightly so that he crashed horribly on the pavement, but realized just in time that it wouldn't be so nice. I'm ok with the no helmet in the park, but surely get a headset for talking in the park and the flip flop bike riding is only ever OK near a beach. Your rules may differ.

September 15, 2010

Fashion Week

Last Friday night on the streets of the West Village. This plaid-suited pair sauntered along as a large group of friends and acquaintances ate dinner outside.

Here's a smart tip, good manners go a long way. So always remember when you return your suits to the closet that there's no need to be offensive to someone you just met. Even if you are wearing a goofy plaid suit.

September 13, 2010

The Truth About Shopping

Dior is renovating their store on 57th Street for the next few months. They'll have a brand new boutique opened just in time for Christmas. Instead of putting up an ugly plywood wall to cover the construction, they came up with a brilliantly designed large handbag. It's one of the best examples I've seen of how to do something super creative with what is usually a very boring construction site.

A lot of people love shopping and I think that this article is probably one of the most informative articles I've ever read on the subject.

Big Mac Attack

I was trying to take a picture and then this bus went by right in front of me. No wonder everyone in America is so fat. These things look (and taste) delicious.

East Side Serious

More seriousness on the East Side. A grim look is common in NYC especially when you are on the way to the tanning salon.

Random Midtown Corner

This picture gives you a brief sense of how busy it sometimes gets on the streets of my neighborhood during the middle of the day.

Directly across from the the architectural monstrosity called Trump Tower is the busy NYC location of Abercrombie & Fitch. The worst thing about it, aside from the idiotic line to get in, is that they pump tons of A&F scent into the street and it smells awful. If you are allergic to bad cologne and find yourself in Midtown, steer clear of this corner. You can see Tiffany's and Louis Vuitton in the background. Gucci is across the street too. It's a busy retail location.

I have no idea who the gentleman is who happened to be standing there right at the precise moment I took the photo, but I must have seen his blue jacket and I decided to capture his stoic countenance. So good and serious.

September 12, 2010

Doggy Bag

If you're going to bring home a doggy bag, then it makes total sense to have the dog carry it.