August 12, 2010

Open Door Policy

Why does every guy who owns an expensive and flashy sports car in New York City feel the compulsive need to open all the doors and windows in the middle of the street? Is this absolutely necessary? Ok, we get it. You have a snazzy car. It matches your small penis.

In case you are wondering, the car is a Lotus.

Three other automobile related things I just noticed in picture. (1) Stylish looking woman wearing white trenchcoat and smoking is carrying a Mercedes Benz tote bag. (2) Zipcar office in background. (3) Food establishment on corner called "Speedy's."

August 9, 2010

Dominican Devils

I'm not sure exactly what these two characters are dressed up as, but they sure look like devils to me. I found this unlikely pair standing on the corner of 56th Street and 6th Avenue on my way to lunch at the MoMA this afternoon. Halloween is still months away so unfortunately they didn't have any candy for me. Though I do especially like the Tropicana Orange Juice bottle.

I later found out they were part of the the 28th Annual Dominican Day Parade where New York's Dominican community comes out to celebrate their heritage with dancers, musicians and bold costumes on 6th Avenue in Midtown. There's always something going on in NYC. I don't even have to barely step outside the front door to find something unique and interesting. I suppose this is why I pay so much to live here. Enjoy the photos. Buy an Andy Warhol book.

August 7, 2010

Saturday Siesta

Taking a well-deserved nap after a sunny Saturday spent biking tourists around midtown. 58th Street and Broadway. 6:15pm.

It's amazing how much traffic I am getting from all over the world. Click the map to the right a few times to blow it up full screen and see where. Also buy a copy of my new Andy Warhol book, "The Autobiography and Sex Life of Andy Warhol." It's inexpensive and if you like art and appreciate great photography you are sure to enjoy it. It's less than $30 on Amazon. What a bargain!

August 3, 2010

Street Bracelets

A selection of colorful woven cloth bracelets for sale at one of those awful 6th Avenue (who calls it Avenue of the Americas?) street fairs at 7pm on Saturday.

Happy Ice Cream

A very happy man holding a just purchased ice cream cone on Saturday night on 14th Street and Broadway just below Union Square.

What gives with my camera and the blurry images? Ugh.

Shirts at the Strand

There are a bunch of t-shirts featuring literary classics for sale at New York's largest bookstore, The Strand.

This one caught my eye mostly because I can't imagine that J.D. Salinger's heirs would give permission for this cover to be exploited so brazenly, but they probably don't control the rights to the image and now that he's dead who really cares anyway. I always thought his "don't publish club, don't talk about don't publish club" credo was a little bit of a put-on anyway. If he didn't want to publish his writing it's really no big deal since it seems he kind of went off the proverbial deep end back in the mid-60s. Besides his behavior was really odd in the years to follow no matter how you look at it and I'm sure his writing was more "Raise High The Roof Beam" than "Catcher in the Rye."

At least someone's making some money off these shirts.