August 9, 2010

Dominican Devils

I'm not sure exactly what these two characters are dressed up as, but they sure look like devils to me. I found this unlikely pair standing on the corner of 56th Street and 6th Avenue on my way to lunch at the MoMA this afternoon. Halloween is still months away so unfortunately they didn't have any candy for me. Though I do especially like the Tropicana Orange Juice bottle.

I later found out they were part of the the 28th Annual Dominican Day Parade where New York's Dominican community comes out to celebrate their heritage with dancers, musicians and bold costumes on 6th Avenue in Midtown. There's always something going on in NYC. I don't even have to barely step outside the front door to find something unique and interesting. I suppose this is why I pay so much to live here. Enjoy the photos. Buy an Andy Warhol book.


Luis Gomez said...

Nice shot! Very colorful.

lewi14 said...

What creepy creatures! I like the colours too. And the cute teddy bears (LOL).

Monika said...

They are pretty! I'd feel the need to hug them if they came my way.