September 24, 2009

Bradley Cooper's Graffiti Truck

I saw Bradley Cooper, the star of the summer's hit movie The Hangover, getting out of this colorful graffiti truck on 5th Avenue the other day.

We all know Brad's a stylish chap and his wildly festooned ride of choice in the Big Apple comes as no surprise. It seems all the celebrities are really starting to get into the Graffiti Truck thing. You just know Ashton Kutcher is looking for the perfect one for him and Demi Moore. Of course, wherever Bradley is, Renee Zellweger can't be that far behind!

UPDATE: It's a joke people! I can't believe that some people actually think that Bradley Cooper drives this around the city. I mean, it would be totally cool if he did, but c'mon, celebrities don't really drive graffiti trucks.


B SQUARED said...

Nice ride!

Anonymous said...

Bradley is currently in Vancouver shooting The A Team.

Christopher said...

Yes, I know. Which is why I was so lucky to catch him with his awesome graffiti truck on 5th Avenue!

Christopher said...

I love the colors in this picture.