September 29, 2009

Charlize Theron's Graffiti Truck

When she's not acting in award-winning movies or posing for photographers to appear on the cover of the September issue of Vogue Magazine, Charlize Theron can be found with a big broad smile behind the wheel of this stylish and fun graffiti truck zooming up 6th Avenue at lunchtime. Obviously, this is one girl who knows how to get around the big city in a hurry.

UPDATE: It's a joke people! I can't believe that some people actually think that Charlize Theron drives this around the city. I mean, it would be totally cool if she did, but c'mon, celebrities don't really drive graffiti trucks.


Bibi said...

Well, who would have thought that? That's the last place I'd have looked for Charlize.

Christopher said...

You just need to look harder. I see celebs all the time driving these graffiti trucks around. They are all over the city. Plus they are great at making deliveries too.