September 8, 2009

End of Summer Flowers

It seems like just yesterday that summer started. And now as Labor Day passes, it's the symbolic end of the summer -- vacations are over and everyone grudgingly returns to work.

It sure seems like A LOT has happened over the past four months since I posted this picture. I'm hoping that people come to their senses and the fall season brings lots of good things for everyone, myself included. Especially me.


Bibi said...

This summer I ate several $1.00 hot dogs from these stands...didn't see the flowers; too hungry.

Theresa said...

I have to admit, "Bibi"'s comment is fucking hilarious, but I'm also so glad U saw & snapped the flowers.

Harry said...

I love flowers so much!! And summer flowers are my favorite!!

MansTouch said...

That look so lovely. Beautiful picture.
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