August 3, 2010

Shirts at the Strand

There are a bunch of t-shirts featuring literary classics for sale at New York's largest bookstore, The Strand.

This one caught my eye mostly because I can't imagine that J.D. Salinger's heirs would give permission for this cover to be exploited so brazenly, but they probably don't control the rights to the image and now that he's dead who really cares anyway. I always thought his "don't publish club, don't talk about don't publish club" credo was a little bit of a put-on anyway. If he didn't want to publish his writing it's really no big deal since it seems he kind of went off the proverbial deep end back in the mid-60s. Besides his behavior was really odd in the years to follow no matter how you look at it and I'm sure his writing was more "Raise High The Roof Beam" than "Catcher in the Rye."

At least someone's making some money off these shirts.


F said...

Wow these t-shirts are pretty awesome. Where exactly in NYC is this store? I'm NYC-bound this September and would LOVE to get some of those.

Christopher said...

It's right south of Union Square. You'll have no problem finding it.

Anonymous said...

Year you'd better BUY a t-shirt to show people you like a book, you dumb phonies!

Christopher said...

My thoughts exactly.