July 20, 2009

Post No Bills

Did you ever wonder how all of those movie posters get plastered up all over the city? I found out how this happens on Friday night around midnight. It only takes one guy with a combination large scraper/mop and a bucket of glue to do the trick.

Wild posting is one of those totally underground activities that is somehow not prosecuted by the city. I can't be sure, but I think it's run by some illegal organizations. They probably pay off the cops. Nevertheless, it seems to function really well because as soon as a construction site goes up these posters miraculously appear covering every available inch of plywood a couple of days later.

Friday night was so hot out. This guy worked up so much sweat while he worked that you can see his t-shirt is soaked. You would be surprised how quickly these posters are put up. It only takes a minute or two. But I was even more surprised to see that he managed to clean the site, mop a ton of glue all over the wall and then put up a couple of those enormous Fast and Furious DVD posters while carrying on a cell phone conversation with a phone that was somehow cradled under his neck the whole time.

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Guest said...

In LA, AT&T pays scrubbers to razor the taxicab stickers off all their payphones, & every morning, guys on bikes blast up, plaster more taxi stickers, & race off to the next payphone.