July 19, 2009

Karma Boomerang

Follow my blog with bloglovinKarma...it's a bitch. The Gray Dog's Coffee on Carmine Street.

What do you think about these tip jars -- Do you like them, ever put money in them?


Frank said...

I only leave my change...coins that is. This particilar "jar" is certainly ambitious. If filled it would probably hold several thousand dollars. Wow. Extraordinary service I hope. (Actually, I think they are redundant.)

Guest said...

Here in LA, people grab those super-sized jars (not only with tips but also for illness collections) and amscray! Some places have them chained to the counter. I always tip servers b/c they're on their feet for long shifts, get poor benefits in general, & cheer us up when we're grim.

stylembe said...

The best tip jar I've ever seen was labeled ' Tipping Is Not A City In China'. It was kind of rude, but funny none the less.