June 30, 2010

Hey Asshole!

You really shouldn't take random pictures of homeless people with any sort of crazy look in their eyes. I should learn this lesson quickly, but I haven't yet.

Is it any surprise that instead of thanking me for taking such a wonderful portrait that this guy/woman, proceeded to scream obscenities at me (including the wonderful blog title above) in broad daylight and literally chase me down the street? I had to actually run away. I took off in the direction of the Museum of Modern Art and deftly eluded capture. You know you don't have a great picture until you have to run to get it.

I see this guy around a lot in my neighborhood. In 85 degree heat he's usually seen dressed in his stylish bright red jacket and scarf while lugging a couple of roller suitcases filled with God knows what. Most notably though, if you're lucky to catch him on a good day, you'll see him/her with a full face of lipstick smeared all around his lips. It's crazy interesting so if you have an extra compact to donate to the homeless, I know someone in need.


Anonymous said...

keith richards!

Inspector Clouseau said...

There is a lot to learn about Keith Richards from this photo - he likes Starbucks - appears to be a venti. Music lover - earphones with over ear design for use while active, although probably not an iPod fan becuase they are not the ubiquitous and horrible apple earbuds. What else?

Christopher said...

Keith also likes Saran Wrap as a preferred method of footwear which can get sticky at times, but is replaceable at any local bodega or supermarket if you lose a shoe.

Also like to stay warm even in 85 degree heat as he chooses to wear a colorful and jaunty scarf.

Fairy.to.the.world said...

God isn't NY a glamorous place where even the homeless can afford giant headphones and starbucks, not to mention the "jaunty scarf".

I love those kind of characters, they're quite hilarious, like a breath of fresh air from the usual smiley people talking small talk aka shit (how positive I sound).

Where I live there's a man with dreadlocks who walks up and down the same street talking to himself all day. The weird thing is when you say something to him he talks back all friendly and normal as anyone would. Then there's the strange old busker on shop street that looks like Santa and plays the drums while making a scary Marlyn Monroe puppet dance.. as you would.

Christopher said...

they are fun characters, but not when they chase you down the street.

new york city is only as glamorous as you make it.