June 11, 2013

Fries for Three

There's nothing quite like a delicious bag of fries from McDonalds, but these three have an extremely valuable lesson to learn. Sure, it's nice to share, but it's no fun to share your french fries from McDonalds. You need your own bag. Also, no wonder the youth of America have so many back problems because it looks as if these kids are wearing 60 pound backpacks filled with 30 days of rations and ammunition that are more fitting for soldiers stationed in Afghanistan. Of course, if they filled them up with french fries that would be cool too.

Also the woman in the background (their mom?) has a pretty serious early summer tan.

1 comment:

Laura said...

Wait, when I saw this pic I thought the comment would be something about Fries for 3 but the 4th person desperately needs them more than those kids.

Her tan does not stand out for me her emaciation does. My half Italian side wants to make this woman a bowl of pasta!