August 17, 2009

Dave's Favourite Hairdresser

I don't for a minute think that David Letterman has ever actually been to this place to get his hair cut. Also what's up with the English spelling of favorite?

Update: I'm totally surprised that no one noticed that Letterman was spelled incorrectly as well. Do I have to point out everything that's funny. Of course Dave hasn't been to a hairdresser that can't even spell his name right even if it is right around the corner from the Ed Sullivan theater. What's wrong with you people? Also, it appears I only seem to get comments from non-native English speakers. When does the David Letterman show call me to book me as a guest. I'm waiting!


Afyonkarahisar said...

Buildings high. Such buildings we have here. Should be an interesting city. Greetings.

Christopher said...

Yes buildings very high. It should be interesting, but it's not. It is only as interesting as you make it.