January 20, 2010


Somewhere downtown.

I just realized that I haven't been posting so much lately which is odd because I seem to be taking a lot of pictures. I used to post at least once a day which doesn't seem like that much, but it actually takes a lot of effort to find worthwhile things to shoot or talk about. Also, it seems like a few of my regular viewers fell off the face of the map too. Not sure what happens to people, but it appears they might be out shopping for shoes or otherwise busy with whatever preoccupies them. I suppose if the right shoe fits, might as well wear it until a better one comes along.


Dina said...

Well this picture certainly caught my eye. What I would give for a thick pastrami or CB sandwich right now. How come we don't have them (much) in Israel??

Shalom to you, Christopher.

Christopher said...

I would like a great big gyro or even a falafel would be delicious for lunch. Luckily, I know some good places to find those in NYC.

Benjamin said...

Your regular viewers are still here, dude! I hate shopping for shoes. Cool picture today.

Bess said...

I totally read these very time! Post more!!!