December 10, 2010

It's Like Halloween Never Ended

I was out in midtown Manhattan earlier this evening and I saw an interesting guy crossing 2nd Avenue at 53rd street. Normally you don't see anything out of the ordinary in this neighborhood, but when you see someone dressed in 8" silver boots and a full length fur coat and feathers it makes you stop and stare. Of course, this being NYC, no one really stops to give this much of a second thought. It's as if nothing was all that unusual about this sort of look. I stopped and waited for him to come out of Walgreen's. I was actually wondering what he purchased,

Anyway, I don't know quite know how to explain the face paint or the rest of his look, but it certainly makes a pretty good statement and I appreciate that. When I asked him to take his picture, he was more than happy to stop for a portrait. Beautiful.


Steffe said...

What a character. Glad you decided to wait for him. I would have done the same.

Luis Gomez said...