October 7, 2008

West Coast

Styling and posing in front of a typical 24 hour deli on 57th Street and 10th Avenue.  Fall colors in full effect.  The rubber band on the left wrist is all the rage.


Wayne said...

Are rubber bands the 'new tattoos'? I can't keep up but as it happens I had the rubber band thing goin' on decades ago.

The fellow seems very pleased with his look.

Good one Chris.

Anonymous said...

Not a very pleasant looking person,looks very confrontational.
He obviously thinks he's one cool cat, or should I say sheep. If wearing your underwear on your face was in style he'd be doing it.

Christopher said...

He was psyched that I asked him to take his picture and very please to pose for me. Though I wonder if he always keep his fingers in his pockets like that or is it some kind of gang sign. A West Coast vs. East Coast thang.