April 13, 2009


A stack of pretzels on Easter.


Anonymous said...

What a great shot. Did you get one?

Christopher said...

No, I didn't get one. I should have.
I haven't had one of these street pretzels in a long, long time. They are pretty good every once in a while come to think of it.

This posting reminds me of when I was little and my grandparents used to make this braided bread with the colored eggs baked right inside. It reminded me of pretzels as the bread had a similar light fluffy consistency. I found a recipe here:


Coloring eggs is an important part of Poland Easter celebration. Of course, everyone knows I am from Austria, but my grandparents were from Poland. My grandfather made the best colored eggs ever. He never revealed his secrets for decorating them though.


I usually color eggs every year, but I didn't make any eggs this year since I didn't really have much of an Easter holiday. No chocolate bunnies or tulips or lamb or anything like that. Kinda sucked.