December 16, 2009

Black Santa

Midtown Manhattan was inundated with what seemed like a couple dozen black Santa Clauses standing on every available street corner around 5pm tonight. No joke. Here's one on the corner of 57th and 7th, right in front of Carnegie Hall.

It almost could have been a terrific scene out of a Christmas-themed "Reservoir Dogs." Unfortunately there was no multi-million dollar jewel heist in progress. Next year here's what they should do. Move the lot of them 10 blocks south to 47th Street (Diamond District) and provide them with a couple of graffiti trucks and a cache of sub-machine guns and we will have the makings of a great Chris Rock, Chris Tucker and Ice Cube caper flick.

See you at the movies!


ac said...

I snapped one of those dudes, too! They were pathethic. At least the bell-ringing Santas are helping society.

Christopher said...

I don't think anyone of them help anyone. It's people spam on the street dressed up in holiday garb.

You are better off spending your money on lottery tickets. At least some of that money goes to education and there is a slim chance you could win