March 12, 2010

Oh No, It's The Naked Cowboy

How I managed to take this picture after I broke (ok, it's fractured) my elbow I have no idea.

I thought he got a ton of money from M&M's and didn't have to walk around in his underwear anymore? It would actually be much cooler if he dressed up like an M&M.

It looks like TNC needs a hot oil treatment for his hair. Maybe he can get a sponsor a little bit better than Icon Parking Systems, don't you think? I hope they're paying for that prime real estate on his guitar.


Mo said...

I sign of spring in The City.

Mo said...

ooops A sign of spring in The City!

Luis Gomez said...

Great comment!

Christopher said...

In other cities they have tulips or blue birds that come up at the first sign of spring, but in NYC we have the Naked Cowboy which means spring is on the way. He's like Groundhog Day. If The Naked Cowboy comes out in his underpants, it means there are only two more weeks of winter.