March 21, 2010

First Place

I have no idea what they could have won, but a huge group of kids were walking along Central Park South carrying these enormous glittery trophies and they were screaming, "We won first place!"

A block or two later another group of kids were claiming out loud to anyone in the immediate vicinity, "We won first place!" Both groups of these red-shirted-screamers can't have won first place or was this one of those postmodern contests where everyone wins a first place trophy of some sort?


Anonymous said...

I usually love your photos but the first one on the top divides in half a girl ... too bad


(sorry for my bad English :))

Christopher said...

Thank you for the criticism Julia. I'm sort of experimenting with cutting people off. Most people, myself included, aren't really all that important that you need to see all of them anyway. Truth be told, it was one of those moments where they were walking by quickly. It seems they shared first place so 1/2 a face is just as good.