February 25, 2009

February 25th

OK, today comments are appreciated!

Also if anyone is not following me, please add me on the right hand side as I'm in some sort of a contest with Mrs. Scott Baio.

Today is:

- Ash Wednesday

- Inconvenience Yourself Day
- Let's All Eat Right Day
- Opera Day
- Pistol Patent Day
- Quiet Day


calicolyst said...

Everything is better written in chocolate. There should be entire books written with chocolate.

Christopher said...

Oh I couldn't agree more. Chocolate makes the world go round!

Julie T said...

Happy Birthday Christopher!!!! Send me some of those donuts please.

Ted T said...

Hey, I made that excellent photo at a very fine meal at Craft restaurant at which you were the guest of honor! Please consider the lack of attribution your birthday gift. :)

Those doughnuts were excellent!

Mame said...

Today is also your birthday! Happy Birthday! Maybe someone will give you ART!

Christopher said...

I could use some more art! And space pens. :)

Photo at Craft: taken by Ted's wife Anya with iPhone.

Consider that ample attribution. You can now come up with a suitable birthday gift.

• Eliane • said...

Inconvenience day? That's a new one.
Happy belated birthday. I'm adding a vote for chocolate books.