February 5, 2009

Kessler's Liquors

Immediate delivery is important when you need your liquor.

The Kessler name has a history in Manhattan liquor dating back to Prohibition in the 1920's. I wonder if the owners of this store are any relation to Emanuel Kessler:

Several of his associates in bootlegging enterprises presented a picture of largescale operations by the petitioner from early in Prohibition past the time of his application for citizenship. Emanuel Kessler, a big operator apprehended in 1923 and convicted for his activities, financed, about 1921, the petitioner's purchase of trucks to haul Kessler's liquors after Kessler landed them on Long Island from boats on the high seas.

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Theresa said...

Hey, don't knock it! My grandpa's bootlegging skill in a St. Louis speakeasy sent my siblings & me to college. Thx Gpa!