February 20, 2009

Too Many Wheat Thins

You can never really have too many Wheat Thins, can you? I think they are totally the best. I prefer a whole box of the Classic Wheat Thins in front of the TV set, but c'mon Nabisco, how many varieties do we need?

Look closely...I count Original Wheat Thins, Reduced Fat Wheat Thins, Wheat Thins Artisan Vermont White Cheddar, Wheat Thins Artisan Wisconsin Colby, Wheat Thins Parmesan Basil, Wheat Thins Hint of Salt, Wheat Thins Basil, Wheat Thins 100% Whole Grain, Wheat Thins Fiber Selects Garden Vegetable, Wheat Thins Reduced Fat Roasted Garlic & Herb, Wheat Thins Fiber Selects Five Grain, Wheat Thins Reduced Fat Country French Onion, Wheat Thins BIG, and Wheat Thins Cream Cheese & Chives. 14 Varieties! And I know that there are some low sodium ones that this store didn't stock since it's a smaller grocery store on 57th Street near Broadway in Midtown Manhattan

I think they forget a couple of my favorite variations. How about Wheat Thins Low Sodium Spaghetti & Meatballs, Wheat Thins BIG Prosciutto and Melon, and Thin Crust Wheat Thins Pepperoni.

What are your favorite Wheat Thins?


Mame said...

That's just wrong. "Hint of Salt" - are they pulling my leg!? Bring on the Morton's salt girl and let's get this sodium wagon on the road!

I recently found out that Campbell's has over 95 different soups. Also wrong. Progresso keeps it real with under 50. Better soup too.

Might I suggest Sandy Duncan's Glass Eyeball Reflective Coating Wheat Thins?

Christopher said...

Sadly just a rumor!

Jacob said...

One of the problems in our society is too many choices. It gets confusing. How do you decide?

Christopher said...

There is a great book that I love called The Paradox of Choice: Why More is Less. I highly recommend it.


It's about how all of the consumer choices we have ultimately restricts us and overwhelms us with decisions to make on a daily basis. What's wrong with maybe two or three or even five varieties of Wheat Thins? There are probably 25 or more different kinds and that just makes it kind of impossible to decide. I almost want to skip the Wheat Thins and just buy plain old Cheez-Itz cause it's so impossible to decide which flavor to get. But even those have a couple of different flavors as well.

My all-time favorite was Doo-Dads, but sadly those were discontinued many years ago. Kind of a Chex Mix spin off with Tid-Bitz and pretzel sticks and a few other things. I could eat those all the time.

Scott Baio is Flipping You the Bird said...

1) You DO have more followers than me! I'm jealous now!

2) Second to mashed potatoes, Triscuits are my favorite food. Wheat Thins pale in comparison.

Christopher said...

My favorite snack ever was Nabisco doo dads. They were discontinued years and years ago and I will never be content until they bring them back. It was easily the best party snack mix ever created. We used to call them Spap Oop - doo dads upside down. Someone please start a write in campaign so that Nabisco starts making them again. They just didn't market them correctly.

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