February 24, 2009

A Trip To The Museum

This is just plain silly. W is for Window. We found it. The Met has all these books that lead you to search around the museum looking for various aspects of the paintings. It's a fun Saturday afternoon at the Met until someone bumps their head.


Mame said...

Oh, man, what spazz of a kid. I bet she stuck chewing gum on the Dutch Masters. My kid would never act that in a museum. The books look good though. Great way to introduce your kid to art without boring them to sleep with the Dutch masters. Nice photos!

Theresa said...

Au contraire! I was thinking, what a lucky girl to have a mom (& mom's friend) who would take her to do something so cool! Great pix w/ personality, too.

• Eliane • said...

Time at the Met is always time well spent.
What? Gum on the Old Masters? We do have programs specifically aimed at kids. Just ask at the information desk.