November 17, 2009

Christian Marclay at MOMA

I went to see Christian Marclay speak at MOMA on Monday night. I almost didn't go, but then I decided at the very last second to head over there. Three minutes later, I was sitting in the theater and enjoying a very engaging presentation that provided a relatively comprehensive overview of nearly three decades of his work. He's a pioneering turntabilist and has a much larger body of work than I realized. He's performing as part of Performa this coming Saturday night. I need to look up where it is taking place as I've never seen him perform before.

I think every contemporary artist who is in the permanent collection at the Museum of Modern Art ought to be forced to give one of these talks at the museum. Clocking in at around an hour or so, they are super informative and very insightful. MoMA should post the videos online so people around the world could enjoy them, even though I don't believe they currently do that.

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