November 13, 2009

Taylor Swift's Graffiti Truck

After spending a week in NYC to host Saturday Night Live, Taylor Swift jetted out of town to collect a bunch of CMA Awards. But you can sure bet that while she was visiting the Big Apple she needed a quick and incognito way to get around town. I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me the other day when I was walking down 55th Street and there when I looked up was this blonde-tressed young lady sitting behind the wheel of this beautiful graffiti truck. Could it be Taylor Swift in a hot pink emblazoned graffiti truck? I can't be entirely sure because there was no signs of her current love interest Taylor Lautner anywhere. She made a quick dash into Au Bon Pain on 55th Street to grab a chocolate croissant and a large cup of coffee and parked the truck out front for a few minutes. Luckily, she narrowly avoided getting a ticket. Those country stars sure are good at avoiding dramatic situations. She's got a good color sense too.

This truck must be making the celebrity rounds because I saw it last year on 3rd Avenue from a different perspective.


Benjamin said...

Is that really the same truck as Sept 2008 on 3rd Ave? It's looking better than ever! Taylor pimped that shit out.

Christopher said...

Totally the same truck! This girl doesn't mess around. She can sing, dance, act and she is a wizard with the spray cans!

Christopher said...

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