November 24, 2009

Jimmy Kimmel's Graffiti Truck

Jimmy Kimmel is based out of Los Angeles which isn't such a bad city, but he's damn lucky that when he comes to New York he gets to tool around town in this deluxe All City Trux. Of course, you'd expect that from a born and bred Brooklynite.

Rolling solo down Broadway on a Tuesday morning surely won't cure his narcolepsy, but I have got to admit that he looks rad behind the wheel with a bolo tie and his bachelor cap on. We'll never know, but he must have been shopping for knock off perfume and skinny ties in this super commercial part of the city. I just pray he made it over to Stumptown for a latte.


dan said...

Nice to know there's Stumptown coffee in NYC now. We here in Portland looooooooove it.

Christopher said...

Too bad Jimmy doesn't have a cool graffiti truck in Portland. Obviously, he knows good coffee.