May 11, 2009

Wooden Escalator

Macy's may be known for many things, but I think that their original wooden escalators are one of the best things about the store. This enormous department store is located in the middle of the city and its kind of a let down when you go there for the first time or any old time really. It's huge (10 floors), but basically pretty crappy as far as department stores go. To me, it seems run down, tired and in need of some general overall refurbishment and upkeep. There are way better department stores in the city (Bergdorf Goodman or even Saks) or anywhere in the world (Harrod's, etc.). I like to think that Macy's management is huddled up in a conference room somewhere right now devising a plan to make their flagship store appear a lot more spectacular.

At least they are doing one thing right.

The absolute best part about visiting Macy's is taking a ride on the wooden escalators and visiting the McDonalds located on the 7th floor. It's a good place to go and get a Big Mac.


Theresa said...

So cool! I've never even heard of wooden escalators. In LA, anything old-school is considered an eyesore(oh, except for old SCHOOLS; those are perfectly ok!).

Buenos Aires Photo said...

This is quite elegant! I like it. We have some wooden escalators in Buenos Aires too.

Christopher said...

Cool, I'd love to see pictures of them.

Sebastian said...

I think the ones in New York and the ones in Buenos Aires are the last in this hemisphere (ok, Pittsburgh has a few in its Macy's, but they're in an employee-only section) It's a rotten shame they're all dissapearing, they have character. And they can be quite safe to everyone (except those in stilletos, and those who are horseplaying)...they too can be fitted with modern emergency stop buttons, and comb-impact switches, and fire-suppression systems.