May 8, 2009

Work Hard, Fly Right

Do you think the giraffe helps? I pretty much never give these guys money, I think it just encourages them.

It was kind of a crazy week, but I think I'm finally back on track. There were a lot of twists and turns that had to be navigated plus a last minute trip to Madrid that was completely unplanned. I usually don't decide to travel overseas with 15 minutes notice, but that's what happened. It was a good trip, I took a lot of pictures of various things so I'll try to post some pictures soon.


Bobby Ewing said...

You have to admit that Rihanna is sexy as hell in these pics - Sausage Legs and all. What a great RACK.

Additional pics are at

watercooler dot jlaforums dot com

You KNOW Chris Brown leaked these. REVENGE is a BIOTCH!

Just wait until you see the Jessica Simpson ones in a couple of months!

James said...

That's the same guy who asked me for money on the upper east side. As I walked by I said I don't have any money but that guy(I pointed to a stranger) will give you some.
Then he said "You think I'm stupid or something? all you have to say is no, don't get ugly about it. This is hard enough as it is." I knew he was right and I felt like a ......., but I still didn't give him any money. Now he's haunting me through your blog. lol