October 18, 2009

Friendly Advice

Some solid advice for a rainy Sunday. Good font choice too.

I've been appreciating some English punk from the late 70s this past week. Here's "Typical Girls" by the Slits, one of my faves. I love the way the lead singer dances and red is always a good color for a jacket.


theresa said...

Hey, usually I'm rating one of yr pix over another, but these 2 are both so fuckin great that I couldn't pick the blue ribbon winner. I had to save the "friendly advice" sign b/c it's even more significant (which is a pun if you think about it) than it seems!! Also, that fuckin 3 Aces kicks ass in every way not to mention it's the best name. I love both of those so much. When you throw in the Slits video, it's almost like a smorgasbord that you died over every bite but are left w/ a stomach ache!! Like too fucking much please!!

Christopher said...

Personally, I liked the Jive Turkey Credo just as much, but you may like this better. Personal choice.