October 16, 2009

Halloween Chocolate

In keeping with the Austrian theme of tonight's postings, I was walking by this tiny little store right off Madison Avenue in the 60s. Judging by the signs on the chocolate, I think it is a Kron Chocolate shop. Unfortunately, they were closed for the evening so I couldn't really confirm that.

New York has loads and loads of chocolate stores if you know where to look, but this seems to be one of the smallest ones I can possibly imagine. By the looks of it they are selling some fantastic chocolate. I couldn't really tell if its a Diane Kron chocolate shop or Kron Chocolatier or whatever the name of the store is and there wasn't any information that I could find on the internet to give me any additional clues. There wasn't even a sign on the door, but the signage in the window seems to indicate it is Kron Chocolatier. If anyone has any info on this store, please let me know.
In 1973, Diane and Tom Krön established Krön Chocolatier in New York City based on recipes from Tom's great grandfather, chocolate-maker to Emperor Franz Josef of Austro-Hungary. They soon became very famous for the quality and novelty of their chocolates (Tom invented the chocolate-covered strawberry) and opened many Krön stores across the U.S.

Among their many devoted customers were: Jacqueline Kennedy, Richard Avedon, Gregory Peck, Katherine Hepburn, Andy Warhol, Estee Lauder, Henry Ford, Walter Cronkite, etc. Diane and Tom Krön sold Krön Chocolatier in 1983 and retired from the chocolate business to travel and raise their family. New management took over and the company went in other directions.
They have a couple of stores in Los Angeles and the windows sure boasted a nice selection of Halloween chocolates. I am sure a box is way out of my price range, but I do love delicious chocolate. Would someone please tell them that "The Rolls Royce of Chocolate" is a crappy tag line. Besides Royce Chocolate is already using it. I'm happy to come up with a better sales line. How about "Great Chocolate, Really Expensive?" Rolls Royce cars aren't cheap, you know?

Here's a cool video of a black cat. Seems fittingly Halloween-ish.


Anonymous said...

Someone sent me a basket of her chocolate. It was good. The best? I don't know about that.

Anonymous said...

Yes it is a Diane Kron chocolate shop. Diane told me her son wanted to open up a shop, so they did. I think the go by K chocolatier to separate themselves from the Kron chocolates. their chocolates are really good, esp those truffles.

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