October 16, 2009

Miley Cyrus on the "Sex and the City" 2 Set

I noticed that "Sex and the City 2" was filming this evening in my neighborhood so I wandered down the street a little after 11PM to check out the filming. There were loads of huge campers and trucks taking up all the parking spaces in the area which is a really good sign that it's a big movie. I walked around the set and took a couple of pictures for your enjoyment.

To be honest, I didn't see the first movie and I wasn't a huge fan of the HBO TV series so it really isn't my thing, but it was semi-entertaining to have a major motion picture take up residence so close by my house. In case you've never visited a movie set, it is really pretty boring to stand around while it's being filmed. It seems exciting, but there's not much to see. All the good stuff happens in the editing room. It's mostly set up and waiting around time, but even still there were lots and lots of people who were milling about on 54th and 55th Streets hoping to catch a quick glimpse of a celebrity or two.

I always find it noteworthy to see how close you can get to the filming and just blend right in to the scenery. I walked right up the the area where the directors and producers sit to watch the video playback and took a couple pictures of the director's chairs with the movie logo printed on them. I should have headed over to craft service and grabbed some food since they usually have a great selection of snacks, but I wasn't feeling so bold tonight. The scene they were filming tonight was being shot outside the Zeigfeld theater on 54th Street between 6th and 7th Avenues. From the looks of it (and my pictures) I think the scene calls for the actors to be going to some sort of fake lame action movie premiere called "Heart of the Desert."

Afterwards as I was walking home, I noticed a large crowd gathered in the cold (40 degrees!) around one of the actor's trailers. I assumed they were waiting for an actor to come out on the way to the set and I waited around for a few minutes outside with a bunch of tourists, foreigners and paparazzi. It sure sucks to be a paparazzo. You can cross that out for one of my potential career choices. I'm not that good of a photographer anyway so it's an easy choice to make. Plus who really wants to wait around outside in the cold and jostle with many overweight grimy men equipped with enormous cameras?

As luck would have it, after a few minutes the trailer doors opened and out popped Miley Cyrus (Miley! Hey Miley! MILEY! MILEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEY!) surrounded by a number of police and security personnel. She seems tall. I don't know why I mention that, but it seems like that's what you are supposed to comment on when you see a celebrity in real life. I took a picture or two of her (sort of) and it was just about to rain so I went home. You can see what a madhouse it was surrounding her short walk to the set. She had nice hair and seemed way older than 16. I wanted to ask her about dumping her Twitter account, but even though she walked right by me, security was kind of tight and I forgot to ask.


lizzie.d said...

U r soo lucky 2 hav seen miley and 2 have been on the sex and the city 2 set. i am so jealous! i am a major miley fan, but like you am not really into the whole sex and the city thing. but still u got 2 glimpse miley and i am real jealous of u 4 tht. =D :)

Christopher said...

thanks lizzie. glad that you enjoyed the pics.

anastacia said...

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