October 28, 2009

Too Much Halloween

Another Halloween window display that I liked. This is the Ralph Lauren store on Bleecker Street.

Even though this is a good display, I'm kind of overdosed on Halloween already. I haven't even eaten much candy (oh, except for the expensive Jacques Torres chocolate I bought last weekend). It sure seems like everyone is really pushing the holiday entirely too hard this year. I'm not even sure what we are celebrating. But I do like pumpkin pie and baked pumpkin seeds.


Frank said...

The "big" city may very well be ODing on Halloween and I think you are right, retailers (and the public) may think we need this holiday more than ever before to distract us from everything that's going on around us.

The artwork at the show opening is fascinating. Love it.

Christopher said...

I am totally distracted as it is.

julieatantillo said...

It seems like all the holidays get bigger every year. I don't like dressing up but I do love the candy!