December 11, 2008

A Man with a Plan

Bank of America. Times Square. Wednesday night.


Snapper said...

I don't know which is funnier, the photo or it's title. Sad but amusing. Well done!

MurciaDailyPhoto and said...

In the sign just missing a subtitle:
Bank of America
Help us!

Mame said...

Why not just pull the plug on the sign instead of broadcasting a busted logo?

Christopher said...

Why not lay off 35,000 people and give out massive bonuses?

Kenneth D. Lewis, Bank of America's president and chief executive, received $4.25 million in non-equity cash bonuses in 2007, along with another $4.25 million in restricted stock. (Lewis was named "Banker of the Year" by the trade publication American Banker recently, which The New York Times noted is "like being named the outstanding British soldier of 1776.")

He should donate the $4.25 million he received last year (plus interest, naturally) to the severance packages of the 35,000 people. Only $121 per person, but every little bit helps.