December 31, 2008

Quite All Right

We'll bid goodbye to the year with a small bit of text lifted from Fowler’s Modern English Usage courtesy of the Confused of Calcutta blog:

"The colloquial form “quite all right” is an apparent PLEONASM, quite and all being identical in sense; “quite right” is all right, and “all right” is quite right, but “quite all right” is all quite wrong, unless indeed all right is here used in its sense of adequate but no more, and quite is added for reassurance."

In either case, I think it's all going to be quite all right since we all need a bit of reassurance wherever and whenever we can get it. Looking forward to more surprises in 2009. Smile.

1 comment:

• Eliane • said...

Aha!! I like it! Made me smile. Mission accomplished! ;)

A very Happy New Year, Christopher! Bonne année! :)

NB: I like the new layout.