December 2, 2008

So Cheesy

When you are just dying for some fresh mozzarella, rush out to Obika, the only mozzarella bar in New York City. It's conveniently located in the atrium of the IBM Building.

When I visited it seemed a little empty and wouldn't you know that I forgot to ask just how many types of mozzarella there are.

There are also branches of Obika in Rome, Milan, London, Turin, Kuwait City, Tokyo, and Fidenza just for my jet set blog readers from . . . Kansas City, Netherlands, Allston, New Jersey,Turin, Seattle, and Texas!

So just what kind of bars do they have in those places?


Sarah D said...

never heard of Obika... but I'm liking the concept! Must check it out when I'm in London next. I do love mozzarella :)

Mame said...

Do they sell a caprese salad year round?