December 11, 2008

Seven Pounds Screening with Will Smith

There was an advance screening of Seven Pounds (the new Will Smith movie) tonight in Times Square at the AMC 25. Afterwards, Will Smith and Rosario Dawson talked about the movie and answered questions from the audience for about an hour. It was a really fun event.


Anonymous said...

That sounds cool. You didn't say if the movie was any good.

I like the new clock on your blog.

Christopher said...

It probably wasn't my favorite Will Smith movie, but I definitely liked it a lot more after hearing them talk about it after the movie.

Will Smith was very animated and he gave one of the best Q&A's after a movie that I've been to. He seems like a really funny nice guy in person.

BenWeber said...

I can answer that one. I was at the same screening. Seven Pounds sucked seven balls. Sorry Rosario. Go drive your graffiti truck home.

To his credit, Will Smith was super super cool in the Q&A. And nice to the swarming fans after.

Chris, blog is looking killer.