December 16, 2008

Last Stand for Newsstand

One of the last of the old style newsstands in the city. This one won't be around for long. Hopefully the new one won't be as crooked, though it is kind of charming the way this one leans over to the side. The shiny new ones are being installed at a feverish pace around the city. This old style one was located directly across from my house. I think I bought some candy bars there once or twice. It's been replaced with a brand new one.

Cemusa, a Spanish company, has a $1 Billion "street furniture" contract to replace all of the 330 newsstands, 3,500 bus stop shelters and 20 public toilets.

This photographer documented most of the newsstands in the city as part of her NYC Newsstand Project.


Mame said...

Great photo. Excellent color. Did you tweak it in photoshop or did you blow out the background when you shot?

Christopher said...

I just got lucky. No special effects. Point and shoot.