December 20, 2008

Presidential Portrait

A few weekends ago, I was walking through Times Square late on a Saturday night after going to the movies. As I was walking down 42nd Street, one of the street vendors on the sidewalk caught my eye. If you've never been to Times Square before on a weekend night --it's a total scene. Tons of random people milling about staring at the neon lights and basically doing nothing since there isn't a lot to do there. Some crappy restaurants, a few lame clubs and lots of signs. They have all sorts of vendors on the streets looking for ways to make money by taking pictures, making caricatures, selling t-shirts, and a number of other things.

This one guy stood out because he was making tiny clay portraits (sculptures) and they were very lifelike. I watched him make one and then decided to get one of my own. I sat in a little chair on the street while the crowds walked by and he moved the clay around for 20 minutes. And then miraculously he was done. He sprayed and mounted his work of art and I was on my way home.

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