March 1, 2009

Attention! You May Be Recorded.

Don't do anything illegal.

At least you have a huge warning sign. I wonder why they felt the need to post such an enormous sign in this station. It is the City Hall N/R station, one of the closest subway stops to the former site of the World Trade Center so maybe this will scare all the terrorists and erstwhile Mayor Bloomberg protestors away.

I wish they would use these cameras to apprehend the scofflaws who gunk up the subway platforms with chewing gum.

I just noticed that I have been nominated for a 2009 Cool Photoblog Award. Someone submitted me yesterday and the comments are good too! There are tons of very popular sites that gets lots of traffic, but it's nice to be nominated. You have to register to vote, but if you are inclined to click the link above please do so, no one is stopping you.


Mame said...

"Scofflaws" good word! I wish they would bust those jerks too. Why can't people spit their gum into a wastebasket or kleenex? Because it's too nasty for them to touch with their fingers but it's okay for me to have to pry off of my shoes with *my* fingers!? Jerks.

Theresa said...

No, why are the cameras up on the platforms? They need to affix them to follow those guys that live in the tunnels & get their spaghetti sauce recipe! Yum.

WABIKOJA said...

Nice shot I really like the tone of the shot.