March 16, 2009

Late Night Men at Work

Steam blasts out of the street as a couple of Con Ed workmen try to figure out what's wrong.

I kinda think that I haven't had such great posts lately since it seems every time I see a good picture my camera is out of batteries or I've forgotten it at home. I guess I haven't really felt like myself the past few weeks. Tired. Working too much. I had a cold. Etc. Hopefully some better pictures this week. It's Sunday night.


James said...

I saw a documentary that showed a mind boggling amount of pipes under the streets and buildings of Manhattan. Lots of the pipes are from the 1800's and early 1900's and aren't even in use anymore, but still mixed with the current maze of pipes,wire and cables etc.

To me it seems the guys who dig up and work under the NYC streets are sort of like street surgeons.

I look forward to your posts everyday and hope you feel better soon.

Christopher said...

Thanks James. It is nice to have at least one fan in Texas.

I love documentaries like that. The streets of NYC are a mess of stuff. You should see it when they dig them up. It's crazy.

You may be interested to see the documentary I just produced and am distributing.

Anonymous said...

You have at least one more Texas fan that I know of! I hope you feel better.

Christopher said...

Wow, another fan in Texas! That's cool. I was pretty sure I didn't know anyone else there.

James said...

It's saved in my Netflix queue. :-)