March 10, 2009

Sarah Morris on West 40th Street

Sarah Morris makes excellent paintings with household gloss paint. She is definitely one of my favorite artists. She usually works in bright colors and makes huge interlocking shapes. She's also a pretty decent filmmaker. I saw her lecture at the Guggenheim a few years back and she was extremely good-natured and outgoing.

Here's a huge Sarah Morris panel display that I stumbled upon in the lobby of 104 West 40th Street in Midtown near Bryant Park. You can find all sorts of cool stuff like this in New York if you keep your eyes open. I saw this on Saturday night after the first night of The Coffee C'Art on my way to a late night in the editing room doing the sound mix on the movie. Blah, blah, blah.

Here is more information about this building than you would ever want to know.


Mame said...

Nice photo of her work. You showcased it nicely. I like her work too but I've never seen any of her films. What films of hers have you seen?

Christopher said...

She makes these really compelling films about cities. "The artist creates a montage of scenes from everyday life, distinctive architectural features, and media images that reflect the official image of each city in her filmwork. She arranges these elements in a rhythmically edited sequence." Really great stuff. I have a couple books of her work. It's more than is in my current art collecting budget, but I wish I had some of her paintings.