March 4, 2009

Hoisting in Soho

Despite the terrible recession, there are plenty of new buildings going up all over the city. Here's a modern window being hoisted and popped into place on West Broadway in the Soho section of the city on Thursday morning.

I always try to avoid walking near these things. You never know when something might fall and crash on your head. I walk on top of the sidewalk grates though. It seems like those scary things might fall in at any moment. They are especially bad for women in high heels. I think that after living in the city for awhile all the women figure out how to get around them so they don't lose their heels.


Mame said...

Are you time-traveling now? Today is Wednesday - how do you have a shot from Thursday morning!? Can you let me which lotto numbers to play, I could use some cash.

Christopher said...

I forgot what day it was! Play #23. That's a good number. You'll have to come up with the other ones.