January 10, 2009

La Taza De Oro Restaurant

This small Puerto Rican restaurant (it's really more like a lunch counter or a diner) is located just south of 14th Street on 8th Avenue. Some reviews here and here and here. This classic New York City place has been around for years.

It's simple and inexpensive and the food is consistently good. Nothing fancy, just a super filling plate of rice and beans and roasted chicken. Everything is very authentic and I always have a great meal. The staff is extremely friendly and they also make a decent cup of espresso. Highly recommended. It's definitely not on the tourist maps, but is just a little part of what makes up my New York.

I always sit at the counter. On my most recent visit, I made friends with an aspiring movie producer who sat next to me named Michael. He enjoyed the food as much as I did.


Anonymous said...

That coke is stale! It's a left over Christmas/Santa Clause coke. I'd go with at least 6 ice cubes, above the customary 5, to ensure it is chilled sufficiently to remove any residual "2008 taste effects".

Christopher said...

I prefer the late 2008 Coke to the new 2009 cans. There is a subtle taste difference to the flavor that only a true Coke connoisseur can appreciate.

Eric said...

I was just there last week with a business associate after not having returned for a few years. I had remembered the food being exceptionally good and the portions quite generous. That is now a thing of the past. The meal I ordered was greasy and the portions way smaller than before. The restaurant looks like it has not seen any type of refursbishment in 30 years. This said, the eatery has a strong following and enjoys a prime location. The success of any restaurant rests on the consistency of quality, service and customer satisfaction, this is basic "Restaurant 101" education guys! There are very few good Puerto Rican places to eat in New York and your place can still make it. Please give the place a makeover, even a simple, inexpensive one, a coat of paint, a new "menu" sign, anything! BUT, please, improve the food and don't be stingy with the portions, if need be, raise the prices a bit, but do not sacrifice your reputation!