January 14, 2009

Je n'adore pas Dior sans underwear

Times are tough even for the luxury retailers on 57th Street. Christmas sales were dismal, but the holidays are now over and new window displays need to be installed at Dior.

However, times are not so tough that underwear has become optional. It's cold out there guys!

OK, I know that $118 is a hefty price to pay for a pair of Christian Dior boxer shorts even when they are marked down 20%. Perhaps Dior designer John Galliano can pony up some spare skivvies and some up-to-date wardrobe choices for their window dressers who look like they were cast as extras in a Pearl Jam video circa 1991.

Could it be that the recession means big changes in fashion and we will soon be seeing a return to grunge? Someone call Bill Cunningham.

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