January 7, 2009

Whitney Port's Graffiti Truck

Ok, technically it's a van, but we don't have to be so strict.

Can you imagine my surprise when this van came barreling down Mercer Street and parked right in front of the Mercer Hotel. I'm pretty sure that Whitney Port, star of the hit MTV show, The City, hopped out of the driver's seat and her trusty socialite sidekick, Olivia Palermo, was in the passenger seat. They must have just arrived from a Diane Von Furstenburg photo shoot or something equally glamorous.

But what freaked me out even more was that it looked like Audrina Partridge and are-they-married-or-aren't-they, celeb couple du jour, Speidi (Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt) jumped out of the back. (Note to Spencer: Get your website going!) You never know what you're gonna get in NYC. It seems these young stars sure know how to drive around in style. Of course there wasn't time and I somehow managed to miss getting those tabloid worthy pictures.

Or was I just seeing things? I can never tell. I'm so bad with recognizing celebrities.

[The ladder on top of the van is a particularly useful addition as you never know when they might need to style something way up high.]


Joerg said...

Great Picture!

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Christopher said...

Thanks. Not sure about your local tour guide stuff but looks semi-interesting.